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Lucia Anne Grigorieva Gibson, In Pictures

by | 10th, November 2009

mel-oksanaCELEBRITY Catholic Mel Gibson’s lover Oksana Grigorieva presents their new baby daughter Lucia to the massed Hello! congregation. Mel seems to have ignored our advice to name the child Melanie Mary Passion Sugartits Eva Beaver Gibson, going instead for Lucia Anne Grigorieva Gibson.

Although there is always the nickname to develop. We live in hope.

Lucia is Mel’s eighth wonder. This makes him Octo-dad. While we wonder what three more children will do more Mel’s self-esteem, Oksana tells us:

“Premature babies do eat a lot – they just eat and sleep.”

This differs to non-premature babies that eat, sleep and do the crossword in the Times. Lucia’s prematurity caused Mel to miss the brith, what with him off filming The Beaver (fnar).

“I was at home when I got rushed to hospital and, eight hours later, I could look at her beautiful face.”

And while we look, and look, and look, why not listen to Oksana’s new album Beautiful Heartache, which Mel “executive produced” (?).

Before Oskana can press play she wants to tell us who Lucia looks like:

“It’s hard to tell at the moment. She sort of resembles both of us. She’s very cute.”

And modest. Lucia is “taking care of her myself”. And: “I have an amazing baby nurse.”

And Mel?

“He’s very hands-on. He was amazing while he was her for a short visit.”

As Oksana shows us her baby in a glossy magazine, she says how she “will do everything possible” to give Lucia as normal as upbringing as possible.

And when dad divorces his wife, things can be even more normal. Now read on…

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