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Barack Obama Death: Jesus Wants Him Killed

by | 15th, November 2009

obama-dead-manTHE Barack Obama Death Cult – Anorak’s look at the media’s obsession with Obama’s assassination – today Barack Obama is going to be murdered by Jesus.

On Baloon Juice, Doug J  spot a right-wing blog praying for Obama’s death (via).

Psalm 109:8 – May his days be few; may another take his office.

As he says, pray for Jesus to kill Obama and Joe Biden will rise to the fore. Nto your thing? Well, then pray for Jesus to kill Biden too. Sneezing Biden needs a death cult if he;s to be taken seriously.

Obama. Dead. Biden. Dead. Hail President Nancy Pelosi. That’s three Democrats in a row.

How far down do you have to go in the order of succession before a Republican becomes president?

Well, the order would go:

Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Robert Byrd, Hillary Clinton, and Tim Geithner. That gets you to Robert Gates.

Pray now and pray often.

Spotter: Balloon Juice

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