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I’m A Celebrity Watch: Katie Price Is More Hated Than Baby P’s Mum

by | 24th, November 2009

katie-price-dumps-alexI’M A Celebrity Watch: I’m A Celebrity’s Katie Price is hated by all, loved by Alex Reid, hated by the entire country and replaced by a bikini…

On last night post-Katie Price show, Anorak began Bikini Watch – keeping a tally of how it was before the big holes left by Katie Price and her Jordans were plugged with other contestants.

After 2.8 seconds, we saw Sabrina Washington in a bikini, followed five seconds later by soon-to-be-ejected Lucy Benjamin (get ‘em while you can), and 11 seconds later then we saw Stuart Manning with his chest out.

At the end of the show, having heard Katie’s flat drawl expwain mi weaons fur leeevin’ ther jungal, there was not enough to for Benjamin to say what a wicked time she’d had.

It’s a good fist at replacing Katie Price, but for the papers it is too little and to, well, little. Though no longer on I’m A Celebrity, Katie Price dominates the tabloid chatter. The news round up:

Daily Mirror (front page): “IS THIS THE MOST HATED WOMAN IN BRITAIN?

In a word: yes. She is more hated then Rose West, Vanessa George, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Anthea Turner, Tracey Connelly and Britian’s worst mum, Rebcecca Stevenson..? It turns out that the question is rhetorical:

She went into the jungle to restore her shattered public image … but Katie Price has come out of I’m A Celebrity even more reviled.

Or as the Irish Independent says, Katie is a “very clever, media-savvy woman who knows exactly how to manipulate us all.”

Well, yes. Katie Price is setting the tabloid news agenda. The Star, which features Katie Price on its cover and in its sister organ OK! in every issue tells readers:


There to pick over the bones and collagen of Katie’s career, is Max Clifford:

Last night PR veteran Max said: “In terms of PR, what Jordan did last night was not a good move at all. It’s clear the public don’t like her because she kept getting nominated for all the trials. By storming off, that has been cemented.”

Katie Price is finished. Or as the Star’s front page has it:

Daily Star (front page): “If I had my way I’d still have Pete”


And so the slow slither together continues for Peter and Katie. Will they be married on New Year’s Eve?

In the space of a few pages Katie Price has gone from suicide to marriage. And she’s moved on from her cage fighter, that Toffee Crisp-coated Dean Gaffney look-alike Alex Reid:

The Sun (front page): “JORDAN: I’VE DUMPED LOVER”

As we told you, Katie Price dumped Alex Reid on the telly.

The source said: “An hour before she appeared on air Jordan summoned him and told him it was over. She was fed up with him making money from her. Friends say he is devastated.”

So fast does Katie Price’s life move that even when she does nothing – she is not marrying Alex Reid; she is not in the jungle –  she moves too fast for some news outlets. This has been published today:

Glamour model Katie Price’s boyfriend Alex Reid has flown all the way to Australia to propose marriage to her.

Katie Price – setting the news agenda…

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