Anorak News | Susan Boyle Tops Sex Survey And Cracks Germany

Susan Boyle Tops Sex Survey And Cracks Germany

by | 30th, November 2009

8081660SUSAN Boyle Watch: Susan Boyle tops sex survey, receives more insults and lowers her eyebrows and sings on German TV show  ‘Menschen 2009’.

THE results are in and the Daily Sport can reveal that 70% of British men would “LANCE” Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle could surely weep – literally.

Jeff Hordan, who took part in the poll, said: “There are plenty of times you’d get drunk and go home with a fat moose from the local nightclub. So pulling a dodgy looking celeb is much-better in my book. I’d definitely bang Susan Boyle. She’s a bit rough but after a few pints I’d do her. A celeb is a celeb!”

No word from Susan Boyle, who came top of the “online survey” of “boilers men would shag if their mates didn’t know”. Boyle topped Vanessa Feltz, Pam St Clement, and Kim Woodburn.

One positive thing about the article is that there is no mention of Boyle being mentally challenged, oxygen-starved or hairy, the media’s pet themes.

So what else have we learnt about Susan Boyle today? Yes, that Benny from Crossroads thinks she’s “retarded”. And that her brother John, tells us via Hello! magazine:

“One thing you learn fast about her is that you shouldn’t let her get overtired. Those eyebrows come down and you know it’s time to retreat. Like a lot of very talented people, she is super sensitive.”

As 30 per cent of Daily Sport readers can agree…

Picture: Boyle sings Germany.

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