Anorak News | Susan Boyle Behaves Like A Cat For Spinster Elaine Paige

Susan Boyle Behaves Like A Cat For Spinster Elaine Paige

by | 9th, December 2009

boyle-paigeSUSAN Boyle: The destruction of Susan Boyle moves on as Susan behaves “oddly” and “erratically” as she records I Dreamed A Dream: The Susan Boyle Story for TV.

Susan Boyle was on the stage to sing I know Him So Well with Elaine Paige. Says Boyle:

“I never thought I would see myself standing on the same stage with such an icon from West End theatre, let alone singing with her as an equal.”

Great stuff. But the media narrative is of Boyle the victim not Boyle the popstar.  The Telegraph gets the ball rolling by billing Boyle as “the Scottish spinster” and telling readers:

However, members of the audience were left stunned by Boyle’s erratic behaviour when she broke into an energetic dance routine while performing the gentle ballad Who I Was Born To Be. It has been reported that Boyle repeated the impromptu jig during a second take despite being asked by producers to remain still.

Well, if tit worked for Jedward, whose Duracell Gonk dancing earned them the epithet “entertaining”, it can work for Susan Boyle?It might even work for Elaine Paige, who has never been married but is not billed as a childless spinster.

Well, no because Susan Boyle is ever the media’s hairy nutter in the shopping precinct, as the Star reports:

SUSAN Boyle stunned fans at her TV special recording by miaowing between tunes.

Like Pebbles, her cat?

One fan revealed: “Susan seemed OK once the cameras were rolling, but she still acted a little oddly. One thing which really stunned everyone was the fact she miaowed a couple of times.”

That’s the power of Susan Boyle, able to stun with singing, dancing and cat noises. Stunning. The destruction of Susan Boyle continues. As for the cat noises…

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