Anorak News | Celebrity Big Brother: Katie Price’s Men – Bowers, Peter Andre and Reid – In TV ‘Fight’

Celebrity Big Brother: Katie Price’s Men – Bowers, Peter Andre and Reid – In TV ‘Fight’

by | 22nd, December 2009

alex-katie-pete5PETER Andre and Katie Price: The lightweight fight between Alex Reid and Peter Andre is on! It’s Fanny v Tranny. The Star has news on Celebrity Big Brother:

GOBBY Jordan is in for treble trouble when Celebrity Big Brother kicks off. Because THREE of the model’s exes are set to square up on TV.

The 10 Men Most Likely To Marry Katie Price

Can three people square? That question to geometrists. More on the “PUNCH-UP”.

In the red corner is punchy Alex Reid, the cross-dressing cage-fighter. In the blue corner is Dane Bowers, who knows all her sex secrets. And in the, er, orange corner is her popular ex-husband Peter Andre.

Three corners? Room for one more fighter. No, not Dwight Yorke, another of Katie’s exes. The Daily Star should run a competition and invite anyone who wants to beat up all three of them to enter. This might be the popular comeback fight Frank Bruno or Ricky Hatton have been waiting for.

Between them, the three know everything about Jordan, real name Kate Price.

Between a man and his goldfish, everything is known about Jordan. Problem is that Peter Andre has not agreed to be on the show. So instead of the former Mr Katie Price, what we get is a Jordan’s Toffee Crisp-coated lover, Alex Reid, and a former boy band singer who looks like Peter Andre would look if he pushed his face into a pane of glass.

Later in the paper, Davina McCall says the celebs on this year’s show are “world class”. Well, they are if your world is Katie Price’s box of used tissues…

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