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The FBI Files On Michael Jackson: Stalkers, Terrorists And The Best Bits Not Redacted

by | 22nd, December 2009

WANT to know what the FBI thought of Michael Joseph Jackson? The FBI has released the files on the dead singer. Well, those files it wants you to see.

The Most Controversial Michael Jackson Pictures

Jackson is “a celebrity pop star, was born on August 29, 1958. He died unexpectedly on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50.”

The second thing on his file is:

Between 1993 and 1994 and separately between 2004 and 2005, Mr. Jackson was investigated by California law enforcement agencies for possible child molestation. He was acquitted of all such charges.

There are 333 pages on the singer. The FBI watched a singer and created a big file on him. During that same period, Islamists flew two jets into the World Trade Centre.

You want to know who comes out of this looking bad? We’ll read through them and bring you anything worthwhile…


In 2004, the Santa Maria Police Department in California asked for FBI “involvement” after Jackson was arrested for child molestation. Police, according to the FBI, said they believed the court case would be a “soft target” for terrorism because of the “worldwide media coverage” the trial would attract.

The FBI concluded there were no threats, but did note the presence in an early court appearance of “The Nation of Islam, represented by its security unit Fruits of Islam,” and of a New Black Panther Party member whose name was left blank in the files. Jackson used Nation of Islam bodyguards during the legal proceedings.

The FBI’s files cover the years 1992 to 2005.

The Stalker

The records include numerous threatening letters sent by the suspect, who the FBI said had falsely claimed to be the son of then-Gambino crime boss John Gotti and was initially ruled mentally incompetent to go to trial.

The suspect, whose name was concealed in the heavily redacted FBI records, eventually pleaded guilty to a federal charge of mailing a threatening communication and was sentenced to two years in prison, the FBI said.

The Most Controversial Michael Jackson Pictures

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