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Tiger Woods Keeps His Heuer

by | 24th, December 2009

tag-tigerTIGER WOODS: Headlines such as “Tag Heuer ‘to drop Tiger Woods from US ads’” (BBC) and Tiger Woods dropped by Tag Heuer (Telegraph) may have created the impression that Swiss watch marker Tag Heuer was to sack Tiger Woods. Management consultancy Accenture has already ignored its own advice and sacked Woods.

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But Tag Heuer (say that in a Geordie accent) would like you to know that removing Woods from its marketing bunff was a “supportive move”.

AG Heuer confirms today that it will continue its relationship with Golf n°1 Tiger Woods but will respect his desire of privacy by modifying his role in the coming months’ marketing programs.

They’re going to draw sunglasses and a beard onto posters featuring his image. All his words will be filtered by the actor who used to do Gerry Adams’ voice.

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Tiger Woods became a TAG Heuer brand ambassador in 2002. The relationship between the leader in prestigious sports watches and chronographs since 1860 and Golf virtuoso Tiger Woods has always been extremely professional and productive.

It’s a “professional relationship”. Tag Heur has never slept with Tiger Woods.

“The partnership with Tiger Woods will continue,” said Jean-Christophe Babin, President and CEO of TAG Heuer, “but we will downscale the use of his image in certain markets for a period of time, depending on his decision about returning to professional golf. We will continue to actively support the Tiger Woods Foundation.”

Meanwhile, Pro golfer Helen Alfredsson tells us that’s she knew of his sex life:

“I heard it last summer during the British Open. In the quietest water swims the ugliest fish.”

How’s that for a Tag line Tag Heur new that works into up to 50 metres of water or shit…?

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