Anorak News | Cheryl Cole Dumps Ashley By Text: After Aimee Walton, Vicki Gough, Brooke Healy And Ann Corbitt Meet Alexandra Taylor

Cheryl Cole Dumps Ashley By Text: After Aimee Walton, Vicki Gough, Brooke Healy And Ann Corbitt Meet Alexandra Taylor

by | 22nd, February 2010

alexandra-taylorWITH the BAFTAS coming too late for the papers, Ashley Cole and his fragrant wife Cheryl Cole dominate the tabloids. Anorak rounds up the news, starting with a fifth woman who claims to have shagged Ashley Cole. After Aimee Walton, Sonia Wild, Brooke Healy, Vicki Gough and Ann Corbitt are linked in headline top Ashley Cole, meet Alexandra Taylor  It is 2004:

Back at his flat, the glamour girl said he was “really hands-on’’. She said: “He was so off his face with drink he could barely do the deed. It lasted about 15 minutes and was really lousy.’’

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

Having learnt in the Star that Cheryl Cole is to give Ashley “one more chance”, the Sun tells its readers that Cheryl has dumped Ashley by text message.

Cheryl Cole gives full throat to love – pictures

BETRAYED Cheryl Cole has ended her marriage by TEXT – telling love-rat husband Ashley: “Move out. It’s over.”

Was a picture included in the text? Did Cheryl use Ashley’s missing mobile? Did she text carefully or send it to her agent by mistake? That for later. For now a source tells us:

The time for any more excuses or promises is over. She wants to have put a statement out by the end of the week so she can start moving on,’ the friend said. ‘She has no desire to humiliate Ashley further and wishes to proceed in a dignified manner.’

The facts are so factual that you can still place a bet at William Hill on Ashley and Cheryl’s future unhappiness. Celebrity divorce is a spectator sport.

The Star goes with the line that Cheryl has “LIVED A LIE FOR MONTHS” and that the marriage is a “sham”.

If true his makes out Cheryl to be something other than truthful when she tells us how great Ashley is in the bathroom and that she will fight for the love? Has the Star a good lawyer?

The Mirror just says “NO WAY BACK”, as Cheryl vents her “fury” and Cheryl is fined £200,000 by Chelsea “over sleaze”.

It’s a fact. Well, sort of:

According to one friend, who may have been paying close attention to our previous sentence, Cheryl has said: “I’ve had enough. It feels like there is no way back. I simply just don’t know which way to turn any more. He feels like he’s a stranger to me.”

As for the fine, that is true enough.

Anyone know if Chelsea captain John Terry has been fined for soiling the tracksuit? Or has the media just decided to pile in on Ashley Cole, you know, the footballer who once sued the Sun and won?

Why John Terry Escapes And The Sun Guns For Ashley Cole

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