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Norman Tebbit Kicks Puff

by | 23rd, February 2010

1155631NORMAN Tebbit has beaten up a dragon. In your face, Gordon Brown. And sob all your like down the dragons bullying hotline, you said Puff.

The Mail’s report is a bastion of facts:

Tebbit, 77, “was so upset by the noise caused by a Chinese New Year celebration near his home that he ran 100 yards down the street, grabbed a drum that someone was banging, and planted a kick on the backside of a dancing dragon – without realising a boy was inside.”

Easy mistake to make. Dragons are everywhere. Enoch was right. You let in one reptile and before you know it, it’s dragons everywhere.

To Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, where restaurant owner Patrick Chung, has organised a street celebration. Says he:

“A drum was being beaten outside my restaurant as part of Chinese New Year but Lord Tebbit arrived and stopped the drummer. He probably did not realise what was going on. He did kick the dragon. There was a child inside the dragon costume and he was kicking the dragon’s bottom. He ran after the dragon and kicked it. The child was upset. He did not know what was happening.”

Dragons can shift, even one with two legs running upright. Make that four legs, because we hear that the front part encased an adult; the child was in the rear (the dragon’s engine).

Says Tebbit:

“I don’t think my reaction was extreme at all. I placed my hand on the drum so that I could diminish the noise and asked the drummer what was going on and got a rap on the knuckles for my pain. I was then barged by the dragon. I barged it back and might have done something like kick it. I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. I’ve never been barged by a dragon before.”

Which is unusual and say much about modern Britain…

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