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Miranda Kerr Interview: Orlando Bloom, Affirmations And Victoria’s Secret Pictures

by | 23rd, February 2010

5348422IN this week’s Hello!, top model Miranda Kerr is wearing jeans (tear in right knee) and shirt (unbuttoned to navel). Miranda welcomes us to her Sydney home and tells us that Orlando Bloom is “an incredible man”. Says she:

“I’m happiest when I’m sitting under a tree or reading a book or out at the beach. I’m definitely a girl that enjoys the simple things in life.”

To show us what happiness looks like, Miranda pauses from modelling underwear for Victoria’s Secret and reads a book. There are not many people who can happily read a book while being photographed, but Miranda is one of them.

One page on and Miranda is “surrounded by candles and bouquets of white peonies”. She is not reading. But she is writing. Miranda is to have her first book published, a tome called Treasure Yourself, “aimed at inspiring young women”. To be beautiful, photogenic and date a Hollywood star. Read the book. You’ll see.

To help keep Miranda aware of the simple things, her mum Therese speaks up:

“Miranda just glows. Ever since she was little I said, ‘You have this light about you.’ I even have it engraved on her pillow on her bed: ‘Let Your Little Light Shine.’ I say it every time I speak to her on the phone.”

Miranda says “ultimately you can choose to be beautiful and confident in who you are”. And if you win a modelling contest age 13 and become the hottest model on the planet, just put it down to good choices. But there is a recipe to get you started. Says Miranda:

“In the morning I like to start my day with six yoga sun salutations and few twists and breathing exercises… Every day I incorporate affirmations into my life. A few that I use are, ‘I am a being of light and joy’, ‘My body is healthy’, ‘All is well in the world’, ‘I radiate love and light to everyone I meet.’”

Pictures of Miranda radiating can be seen here, here, here, here – but not here. Other learning to radiate – or ‘moon’ – can be seen here…

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