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David Cameron Cuddles Up To Brussels – He Prefers Gardening To Football

by | 11th, March 2010

OLD Cammety Cams the PR man did an interview on the Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV yesterday where he finally came clean. Unlike Raith Rovers obsessed Gordon Brown, Dave admitted that in spite of a mild flirtation with Aston Villa when it comes down to it he prefers hanging out with veggies (no jokes about the shadow cabinet please) than watching ballet for the masses.

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So should footy fans be worried that the possible PM isn’t really on their team. On one level no. Then again the last Tory PM who didn’t like football consistently gave fans a good kicking with planned identity cards, wire terraces etc. I think football has a few rocky years ahead, mainly due to the way the clubs are run financially, and the last thing we need is people with little understanding of the game meddling with it.

Who knows what deal has been done between the Tories and Murdoch too for The Sun’s support? There’s precious little football on non subscription TV now anyhow, under the Tories there might not be any.

David Cameron Posters

Also worth remembering that we only ever win a World Cup with a Labour government. However in the interests of balance I’d say that if the Tories offeer free allotments in north London they get my vote.

Anyhow interesting interview here. Dave def has Middle England on his mind

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