Anorak News | Jade Goody’s Mother’s Day: Freddie’s Amazing Shoelaces And Jackiey’s Grave Watch

Jade Goody’s Mother’s Day: Freddie’s Amazing Shoelaces And Jackiey’s Grave Watch

by | 13th, March 2010

JADE Goody is being remembered in the Sun. This is “Jade – One Year On – by her mother Jackiey for Mother’s Day”. Jackiey writes an opens letter to Jade, who in heaven is reading The Sun. Jackiey is, as ever, posed by her daughter’s grave, lest we forget Jade is actually deceased and not part of an elaborate ruse to make the tabloids like her.

The letter feature the line:

“It’s a simple inscription but we were never a family for grand speeches so I thought it was fitting.”

Maybe not grand speeches, but they are given to making long ones. This one’s been a year in the making.

Jade Goody – Life In Pictures

Before we get to the Sun’s mawkish exploitation, Jeff Brazier, father to Jade’s son talks to the Star:

“Bobby and Freddy are coping and they are truly happy but there isn’t a day that goes by when they don’t think of Mum. That will be especially true for Mother’s Day. Jade was the best mum my children could have had and she is loved and never forgotten.”

Brazier has always been the sole sober voice amid a cacophony of public emoting. Although he does have a book out:

It’s called A Guide For Single Dads and I hope to have it published later this year.”

And he does appear in a new documentary called Jade: A Year Without Her, which will be shown on Living on March 21. And he is talking to the Star about Jade and “lots of other exciting projects coming up”.

Jade Goody – Life In Pictures

Anyhow, here’s Jackiey, written in the form of an Open Letter:

My dear Jade…

Watching Freddie reach down and tie his own shoelaces I can’t help but shed a tear…”

Jackiey has one arm. She’s right to be impressed.

“Bobby excels in all his subjects and Freddie is coming on leaps and bounds.”

And there we have leave it. It’s too personal. Jade, these pages are for you. We dare not look further for fear of intruding…

Jade Goody – Life In Pictures

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