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How To Buy Meow Meow From A Labour MP’s Son

by | 26th, March 2010

SEAN Ellman, son to Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool Riverside, is, as the Sun claims, Britain’s Meow Meow “DRUGS BARON”.

He’s a drugs baron in much the same way that the Government which rakes in a fortune from alcohol taxes is a Booze Baron, or a Tobacco Baron or a Diazepam Baron.

Like those other legal highs and lows, Meow Meow is legal. The drug is also known as 4MMC, M-CAT, meow, miaow, meoowwwwww or drone. Meow Meow is made from plant food mephedrone.

The NHS describes Meow Meow as:

Meow meow is a common name for 4‐Methylmethcathinone, a synthetic substance based on the cathinone compounds found in the khat plant of eastern Africa, which locals chew for an amphetamine-like high.

The Sun was offered meow meow within minutes of entering Ellman’s Dr Hermans Salsa shop in Warrington, Cheshire. See, kids, that’s where you get it from. It’s not an acrticle it’s a shopping guide.

Our investigator simply asked a female assistant: “Do you have any MCAT?” – its club name. She replied: “Oh yes, there in the glass cabinet.”

The legal drug is being kept behind a glass cabinet in a “drugs accessory shops”. The purpose of the Sun’s scoop seems unclear. Is Meao Meow so very dangerous that we need to be hysterical about it, ban it and make it so that the kids can only buy the toxic mush in the street, where it will be spliced with Vim and cost more? Of course, Louise Ellman is “Labour Louise”, so you can make something of that.

The facts seem very hard to come by, not least of all for the Sun which in place of scientific data uses the mum of 18-year-old called Joslyne Cockburn who died after a high out. Josylne had taken meow moew and her grieving mum is “convinced” the drugs killed her daughter.

She says “it needs to be banned”.

Perhaps it should be. And then the kids not old enough or rich enough to buy booze and fag can buy a new legal drug. Or else they can be weaned off meaow meow in mum and dad’s drinks cabinet…

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