Anorak News | In Pictures: David Cameron’s Horrific Near Fatal Bike Crash

In Pictures: David Cameron’s Horrific Near Fatal Bike Crash

by | 7th, April 2010

THE election is just like the boat race – two teams of privileged elitists moving along a course with the current pushing them along to what the teams hope to be a victory and what everyone else hopes to be a sinking. No boat sank in the boat race this year. But maybe next year. Fingers crossed.

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We watch the election on the telly in the hope that someone does or says something terrible and sinks, and maybe even drowns. The live debates offer more chance of this. And if Cameron can say he likes sex with ducks, or Gordon Brown can pledge to invade France, the election might spark into life and get us duck fanciers a cause we can get our teeth into.

On the telly, David Cameron is spotted leaving his home on his push bike. He’s not wearing a helmet. Lots of photographers and TV crews get in his path. “Go on, Dave,” they beg. “Fall off. Do a wheelie and fall off. showboat. Fall off. Bang your head. Die. Ok, not die. But come close to dying. Be on life support for a few days. Give us something to talk about and our readers something to feel.”

No luck, though. Dave cycles on. Still, maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, look what could have happened…


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