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After The Primark Paedo Bikini The Paedo Knickers Lure Perverts

by | 15th, April 2010

AFTER the Paedo Bikini feel years younger or your money back! – the Sun leads with the “Paedo Heaven On Our High Street“. Paedos on the high street? Surely paedos are in the church, on the beach and in Portugal? The high street seems a strange place to be a peado, what with all the CCTV.

“Stores in new kids’ bra row”

The story so far goes something like this: children will wear a padded bra top from Primark and turn men who look at them into peadophiles. Normal paedos get turned on just by children no matter what they are dressed in. But these new paedos, let’s call them super-paedos, have been turned by high-street goods.

One minute you’re a dad, brother or teacher who likes women or men, then – one look at a nipper in a padded pre-teen bra – and you’re a paedophile.

The Sun reports from the pado heaven near you:

Kids as young as seven are targeted with gear that could lure paedophiles, including padded bras and provocative underwear.

If they can lure peadoes, might this be the way to trap the perverts and prevent all men in parks and on beaches and walking past primary school gates from feeling uncomfortable and stigmatised?

The Sun’s Jane Hamilton – not a man and by defintion not a paedo getting off on “provocative” kiddies’ clothes (right Vanessa George?) heads to the Paedo Front Line: Primark.

The padded bra has gone. The store haas apologised. But still, she finds:

KNICKERS for girls aged seven bearing the slogan “You’ve Scored” – sold at Primark.

A £10 low-cut padded diamante BIKINI for eight-year-olds sold by BHS-owned Tammy.

A brightly-coloured padded BRA in a tiny Size 28AA, which fits seven-year-olds, sold in girls’ sections at Tesco.

Next and Peacocks also offer padded bras in Size 28AA in their girls’ sections online.

Are you a petite woman with what the Sun might term small chesticles? Well, time you did the decent thing and got your breasts enlarged.

But respected lingerie retailers Rigby & Peller said it was “extremely rare” for an adult woman to be that size.

It might also be extremely rare for a man to look at a child or flat-chested woman in a padded bra and get sexually aroused (see the Sun’s Page 3).

Time to ban the bra and make girls wear normal, decent, un-padded, plain bra-tops and so make them paedo-proof and save dad. You know it make sense!

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