Anorak News | Barack Obama Refuses To Die In a Plane Crash, Poland Weeps

Barack Obama Refuses To Die In a Plane Crash, Poland Weeps

by | 19th, April 2010

POLAND’S President Lech Kaczynski Obama dies in a plane crash. The air above western Europe is pebble–dashed with Volcanic ash from Iceland (oh, dread nation) and the Washington Post says Barak Obama failed to get to the funeral. Here’s the headline:

Obama skips Polish funeral, heads to golf course

Skips? Ok, Obama plays a lot of golf. Joseph Curl says Obama has played golf 32 time since taking office in Jan. 20, 2009. Obama has, most likely, played more golf than Tiger Woods. But did Curl expect Obama to fly through the no-fly zone and risk dying in a plane crash to pay his respects to a man who, er, died in a plane crash?

Is Joseph Curl now a member of the Barack Obama Death Cult, the media gang that waits for the assassination or death by other means of The One?

Curl tells us that French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also “skipped” the send off.

And no, they did not play golf, preferring to do something more wholesome and worthy like, well, pretty much anything…

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