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Restore Stephen Baldwin: He Wants Your Job And A 421

by | 23rd, April 2010

STEPHEN Baldwin, last seen speaking through Alex Reid’s head on Celebrity Big Brother, needs your help. On Restore Stephen Baldwin, the star of the Sex Monster appears to explain why he needs YOUR help. Forget rescuing Katie Price from Egypt and little staving babies. Baldwin needs you. Baldwin might be the cause Peaches Geldof has been looking for.

Verily, it is Baldwin:

Dane Bowers: “The water’s still cold”

Stephen Baldwin: “The hot water?”

But before restoration, Baldwin needs a Job:

“Everyone knows that God restored Job, but do they understand the mechanism of his restoration? Job was restored by the people. By ‘All Who Knew Him’. This website was created to see a rebirth of that mechanism.”

Baldwin is third person man in need. Says he:

“He has been publicly ridiculed and insulted by people who think that he has been abandoned by God.”

He need saving. But above all he needs your money:

The born-again Christian filed for bankruptcy last year (09) after he racked up more than $2.3 million (£1.4 million) worth of debt, stemming from several mortgages, tax bills and credit card accounts.

And you must help.

The questions are given answers:

Q- Why doesn’t his family help him?
A- His family does not perceive Stephen’s predicament as a matter of spiritual warfare. They see Stephen’s outspoken Christianity as poor choices therefore they will not help.

Q- What happened to his wealth?
A- When he became an outspoken Christian in 2002 his income went down by 70% when he refused roles with gratuitous sex and violence.

Q- If Stephen was not involved how did you get permission to do this?
A- Daniel Southern is Stephen’s spiritual advisor and the President of Stephen’s ministries. We contacted Daniel who gave us written permission to build the site.

The site suggests a donation of $4.21.

So restore Shephen Baldwin to the giant of cinema he was before he discovered religion and learnt humility…

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