Anorak News | Barack Obama Proves He Knows Nothing About Immigration In ‘Countries Like Europe’

Barack Obama Proves He Knows Nothing About Immigration In ‘Countries Like Europe’

by | 3rd, May 2010

IMMIGRATION is the hot topic in much of Western Europe. From Dutch extremist Geert Wilders to Gordon’s Brown’s “bigot” Gillian Duffy and the likes of Abu Hamza, the English Defence League and more the flow of people is a big issue. But not to Barack Obama. Barack Obama tells a crowd that “countries like Europe” do not “replenish” their human stock with new arrivals.

In America you can come and go as you please. As anyone who has queued for a visa to the US and been met by those smiling faces at immigration knows, the US embraces all colours and creeds to its lands.

Meanwhile, back in the county of Europe you need to buy a ticket to travel to live in a new country – or get a li-lo, a willing van driver or a pair of walking shoes.

“So the challenge we have now is how do we set up a system where, yes, we’re welcoming new people to our country, which by the way makes us stronger. One of the things that is a huge advantage for America compared to countries like Europe is, actually, we’re constantly replenishing ourselves with hungry, driven people who are coming here, and they want to work, and they start a business, and our population is younger and more dynamic, and that’s a good thing!”

It’s like George Bush never left. Although the mainstream press that did for him won’t highlight Obama’s gaffes with so much gusto, if at all…


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