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Sandra Bullock Interview: Louis Bardo Bullock, The Universe, Jesse James, Poop And Pictures

by | 4th, May 2010

SANDRA Bullock pulled a blind side when she adopted Louis Bardo Bullock, a child names after Louis Armstrong and someone called Bardo. Bullock tells us that she is to divorce Jesse James, the Vanilla Gorilla who, allegedly, bumped Nazi memorabilia with Michelle McGee and others.

Bullock is on the cover of Hello!, presenting her new baby, “the perfect little man”. Bullock Junior is black and had a bris – a Jewish circumcision. This is how Sammy Davis Junior started. We expect big things from Louis.

Louis seems to be being set up for a celebrity life. Says Bullock:

“He’s handsome, but it’s his spirit that’s beautiful. There’s a wisdom to him.”

Louis is three-months-old and wearing an expression Bullock says means “hurry up and get it done” – and which other mums might suppose means “I’m doing it. Plop. There ya go.”

Sandra says she won’t discuss the adoption to “protect her son’s privacy”. That’s Louis naked in his mum’s arms in Hello! magazine.

Sandra says the adoption process began about four years ago. She says she and Jesse James “didn’t want to go at it any other way than the way everybody else would have done it.

There’s another way to adopt a child besides the official way? Maybe it depends who everybody else is? If it’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, you need a jet to adopt. If it’s Madonna, you need hand sanitizer.


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(L-R) Mery Streep and Sandra Bullock onstage at The 15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium on January 15, 2010 Hollywood, California.

Sandra wanted to adopt an American child. And it was fate. When the call to adopt came:

“It came right in the middle of the media craziness of awards season. I just didn’t understand why the universe was deciding a child needed to be with us now. Of all times!”

Maybe because the universe was deciding that it was a good time for Oscar-winner Bullock to re-emerge into the spotlight with a bouncing co-star and so deflect the staring away from you and your allegedly wayward husband?

And Sandra says she had to keep Louis secret. She did not want him caught up in the awards season mayhem. She met people away from her home. She had very little sleep. She was dying to tell everyone how much she loved her new son.

“And how happy I was when he drank 3oz. How we found the perfect diaper trash can that didn’t let the smell leak out. These were the most important things in my life and I had to zip it once I walked out of the door.”

But now you can read about it. The nappy bag is unzipped. And that’s not the only stink. There is Jesse. Bullock says it “seems like a thousand years so” when news broke of his alleged affair.

All I remember is thinking, ‘I need to get Louis out of here before the vultures descend.”

She now enjoys a “bittersweet” relationship with James. She is supporting his “recovery”.

And Sandra has a new baby to support hers…


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