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Spelbound Wins Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Pictures, Videos And Live Blog

by | 5th, June 2010

SPELBOUND Wins Britain’s Got Talent. The little orange action figure with the six pack who flew over Amanda Holden’s head says he’d like to thank Amanda for… Come on, who thought he was going to thank Amanda for the make-up?

Amanda says Spelbound should open the London Olympics in 2012. We like it. Who needs hundreds of drummers, tens of minutes of fireworks and athletes waving at their mums and videotaping the crowd – a quick 90 seconds of tumbling extravagance, a huge pot of Touche Eclat and job done. Cheap as chips.

They are terrific.

Simon Cowell: On live TV that was one of the most astonishing things I have ever seen!

The others:

Janey Cutler: Edith Piaf is better off out of it. Likeable woman. Loadsa pluck. Amanda says Janey wanted her autograph. She didn’t tell us if she gave it to her.

Tobias Mead: People call Tobias can dance in a place other than a barn. Who knew?

Kieron Gaffney: He hits a drum over and over and over. He’s the one act with loadsa energy – where’s Louis Walsh’s bumper book of catchphrases? But get a load of the floating drums and the dancers and the fireworks. Hard to tell what the act is…

Connected: Horrible. Says Amanda Holden:

“It’s great to have a boy band that are actually boys, rather than half man.”

Bring on the half men!

Tina and Chandi: Simon wants Chandi dead.

Christopher Stone: Sings likes he’s miming. Huge mouth with sound seemingly emerging a moment later. A shoo-in for a Police Academy tribute album. Says Amanda:

“Sometimes you hear voices on this show and there’s just nothing behind them.”

It’s your agent. Amanda.

Paul Burley: Would be a good winner. Very likeable. Not sure we got all the impressions but definitely heard Old Mr Anorak. Spot on.

Liam McNally: Sings Danny Boy. Voice fails to break.

Twist & Pulse: Is that Lembit Opik in the wings?

Show starts.

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