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Derrick Bird: The CCTV Snuff Movie Goes On Sale: Pictures And Video

by | 9th, June 2010

DERRICK Bird. Today there are memorial services for Derrick Bird’s 12 victims. And in readiness for the mourning the Sun brings thrilling news that the “PSYCHO CABBIE’S” rampage has been caught on CCTV.

For just 30p you can see the pictures!

Yes, the memories can wait because with any luck – fingers crossed! – we can get a CCTV movie of Bird’s killings. Bird is the “massacre madman” in this CCTV snuff movie. Of course, the film needs a rinse through the marketing department to make it really stick, and we comments to your attention to the Star’s billing of “TAXI TERMINATOR”.

Derrick Bird: Drugs, Self-Harm And Paul Goodwin

Says the Sun:

“Four shotgun blasts fired by Bird can be heard on the chilling film.”

It’s not Steven Seagal but it’s bound to be pretty good. Perhaps if the each shot could be illustrated by an image of whoever was being murdered or maimed with each round the film could be made more dramatic, a touch of human interest?

Derrick Bird: Hon The Thai Bride And More Steven Seagal

The screams heard on the film are from wounded pub landlord Harry Berger – hit in the shoulder and hand…

The second volley was the awful moment when Bird killed 64-year-old cyclist Michael Pike.

Inside the Sun and: “Camera on backstreet captures hell.”

Derrick Bird Was Stopped By Red Lights And Prostitutes: News Round Up

The Sun set the scene. Cue the voiceover. It was a time of heroes…

The restful quiet of a tranqil seaside village was broken only by seagulls squawking in the grey skies.


“…two sharp blasts cracked through the thin coastal air”

Those Media Scores: Derrick Griffiths (Taxi Terminator) 12 – Stephen Griffiths (Crossbow Cannibal) 3 (Maybe)

The Express says Taxi Terminator 2: No Mercy:

SICKENING footage of gun killer Derrick Bird ruthlessly blasting fellow cab driver Darren Rewcastle to death was captured on CCTV.

Images recorded by a surveillance camera are understood to show in high definition the exact moment Bird pumps bullets into the head of his 43-year-old colleague.

These horror films need more blood and horror. Twelve dead is, well, not all that much. In Rambo loads more die.

Derrick Bird: The 13th Victim, Jason Carey, David Crabtree And Police Keystone Witness

Here’s Jonathan Wilkinson to say that he was the last person to see Bird alive.

Jonathan, from Northallerton, North Yorks, said: “We were out for the day when this car raced past, clipped another vehicle and burst a front tyre. I had no idea what the driver had done at this point but I got out of my car and ran after him down a lane. I thought he was a hit-and-run driver and thought I should get the registration plate and his details. He was about 160 yards ahead of me. The car was weaving all over the place and because one tyre had gone he was driving on the rim.”

Wilkinson catches up to the vehicle. But Bird is not inside. Bird was later found dead.

“I went back to the car and we heard the news on the radio. I could have been another of those killed.”

Anyone else want to up the bopdycount?

Bird, 52, is thought to have driven to the home of fellow taxi driver Michael Pettitt after murdering three people and seriously injuring four others. A witness saw Bird knocking on Pettitt’s door:

“Michael had nipped round to borrow a mower off a friend because his was broken, but when he got back a neighbour told him that a man matching Bird’s description had been banging his fists on the door. It was right after all the other shootings in Whitehaven and the neighbour was worried that it was Bird who had come looking for him. The fact that Michael had wanted to cut his lawn may have saved his life.”

Hmm. Perhaps someone can be killwd under the blades of their mower? You know, for the sake of the film..?

Meanwhile, people mourn their loved ones…


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Whitehaven taxi driver Don Reed who was shot and injured by Derrick Bird who went on a shooting rampage in Cumbria, killing 12 people.

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