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Fox Attack On Lola Koupparis And Isabella Koupparis: Pictures And Horror

by | 9th, June 2010

LOLA Koupparis and her twin sister Isabella Koupparis, aged nine months, are in hospital, having been attacked by a fox in their London bedroom.

The twins’ grandmother Zoe Koupparis, has news:

“Lola is a lot better but Isabella is still sedated. We’re really pleased about Lola. Nick and Pauline [the twins’ parents] are definitely pleased but of course they’re concerned about Isabella.”

The Sun has more background details. Because the parent’s are middle-class and that matters:

Mr Watson – who visited their £850,000 home at Victoria Park in Hackney to pick up a children’s chair – said: “They are bearing up under the circumstances.”

Some good news, then. Yesterday the family home was worth only £800,000.

In Nightmare Pictures: The Fox Attack In East London

Look away now. Says mum:

“Isabella always sleeps on her tummy so her arm was very, very badly damaged. Lola lies on her back and her injuries are facial. At first I thought she’d lost her eye and she has quite a lot of puncture marks on her arm where the fox tried to snatch her up.”

Fear the fox. The Mirror has a picture of a fox licking its chops.

Fox attack baby girls to be scarred for life

John Bryant, an expert on urban foxes, yesterday said the animal may have been a cub that attacked the tots in a panic after mistaking their soiled nappies for food.

He added: “I get lots of reports from people that they are finding nappies in their gardens. Foxes have a grab-and-go philosophy.”

Judith Woods says to Times readers:

My heart goes out to the parents of the twins Isabella and Lola, apparently attacked in their cot by a marauding urban fox.

You mean the cub looking for poo?

A cheeky fox trotted into my kitchen one afternoon and proceeded to lope round the pine table, pursued, at a safe distance, by the dog. Eventually I managed to herd the creature onto the patio, and it exited the garden with what can only be described as an air of disdainful leisureliness.

A pox that Mr Tod. What a ****!

In Nightmare Pictures: The Fox Attack In East London

Foxes need sorting! The Sun spots a fox in Hackney. It attacks no-one. This time:

And the chilling sight in Hackney, East London, was echoed in towns throughout Britain as The Sun investigated the plague of the urban fox.

Call in the experts:

Will Moore, a fox control expert from Fox Solutions, warned: “Don’t feed them. If they are being fed by people they have no fear and that’s why you get instances such as the one last weekend.”

And don’t accept food form them, either.

The Daily Express calls for calm:


Tally-ban, says the Mirror:

And supporters of lifting the ban on hunting with hounds should resist the temptation to exploit a family’s horror for their own ends.

We need a campaign!

Pauline Koupparis, who is originally from Newcastle said that she hoped that the “horrendous” attack on her nine-month-old children at her London home would force councils to act on the problem of the growing urban fox population.

She was also supported by Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, who has called for a greater focus to control the “pests” in the capital.

Says Boris:

“People like to think foxes are a wonderful addition to the flora and fauna of London,” he said. “But they are undoubtedly a pest.

“They are a menace in their scavenging for rubbish and, as we’ve seen the last few days, they can in rare circumstances present a threat to humans as well.”

The story in pictures:


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