Anorak News | After BP the US Labels Milk As The Next Big Pollutant

After BP the US Labels Milk As The Next Big Pollutant

by | 16th, June 2010

BP will place $20 billion in an escrow account for the Gul clean up – and the US Environmental Protection Agency considers the next bio-hazard: milk. Milk is now a pollutant.

The BP Wave – The Fish In Oil Picture

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to classify milk as a hazardous waste; in the same category as oil.

That means, farmers would have to come up with an oil spill prevention plan which could cost them thousands of dollars.

The Senate Agricultural Committee passed a resolution today urging the EPA to take back those regulations.

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A farmer explains:

“The majority of milk is water, in the high 80s percentile is water. The rest of it, three and one half percent, is solids of the fat and a portion of that is oil. And because of that small amount of oil in milk they’d like to relate it to motor oil or fuel oil and put it in the same category.”


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