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Lady Cheryl Cole Strips In Hollywood Movie: In Pictures

by | 28th, June 2010

CHERYL Cole will not stick with World Cup winning hero Sir Ashley Cole. Her ladyship will move on – and strip. It is now ok to dislike Ashley Cole once more, and that is just one of the positives resulting from England’s defeat to the Germans. We’re all Anglo-Saxon now, readers. Or Dutch.

So. What news of the “nation’s sweetheart”?

Well, she’s going to strip. Sorry. Make that, Cheryl Cole is going to star in a comic street in the Beano. Pow! Biff! Cheryl’s going to sings diet with Minnie The Minx.

Why? Well, as the Star says:

Dundee-based publishers DC Thomson spotted her sporting a red and black striped outfit, designed by the late Alexander McQueen, in her video for Fight For This Love.

Comic book readers can look out for Cheryl entertaining the kids in her tight, slashed black plastic peek-a-boo top and matching knickers.

Take that, Walter Softy!

But you’re too late Dennis and the Bash Street Kids. Cheryl is setting up home with Derek Hough. Now magazine is factual:

Cheryl Cole asks Derek Hough to move in

You go, girl. As a source tells Grazia magazine in readiness for Cheryl’s birthday trip to Ibiza:

“On the other hand, she sees this birthday as a major milestone in her life,” a source told Grazia magazine. “She’s ready to move forward in a big way and on her own terms. The vast majority of the time, her life is all about discipline. She’s so busy that if she’s not strict with herself then she’d go mad or get seriously ill, but everyone needs to let their hair down sometimes.”

Well, the Mirror’s Danny Buckland says Cheryl Cole can make you go bald – “the craze for extensions in an attempt to look like Cheryl Cole can cause your hair to thin and fall out.”

But our Cheryl is harrier than a German fan’s tongue. She and her hair are going places. Go, mojo, go:

Cheryl Tweedy is set to be Queen of Hollywood with the help of movie legend Robert De Niro.

So says the Star:

She will meet the Oscar-winning Goodfellas star in New York later this year to discuss a future on the big screen.

We know this because?

And the amazing link-up is being masterminded by Cheryl’s pal, top rapper 50 Cent.

Says he:

“I would love to get Cheryl involved in the movies. She is the queen of the music world at the moment and she can be the queen of Hollywood if that’s what she wants.”

Gawd save her!

“I am not talking about cameos in laughable movies. I am talking about proper, serious movie roles. She is talented and I can see her taking that talent from the music industry into the film industry.”

She can be dubbed.

“I am going to set up a dinner in Robert’s restaurant in New York between the three of us and we can talk.”

So. Robert De Niro is not meeting with her to set up a movie deal? But he might. And Cheryl can star in Escape To Victory: I’m Leavin’ Yoos Ashley, starring Ossie Ardiles as Ashley Cole….


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