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The Koupparis Family Horror Show: Twins’ Fox Attack Pictures, Video And Good TV

by | 1st, July 2010

ISABELLA and Lola Koupparis are bitten by a fox in their parent’s Hackney home a three-story house worth anything between £800,000 and £850,000. Pauline and Nick Kouparris’ nine-month-old twins are rushed to hospital. They recover but carry the scars.

Six foxes are trapped and killed. The parents appeal for privacy in what is the Summer of The Fox. Animal rights activists attack the parents. Others attack the fox.

So. Here are Lola and Isabella Koupparis on the front page of the Sun. They are:


Let’s review the facts:

The Mail:

…Nick and Pauline, both 41, describe in the fullest detail yet the night of Saturday, June 5, when the fox intruded into their £800,000 East London home.

The Sun:

When an ambulance arrived at the family’s £850,000 townhouse the full extent of the twins’ injuries became clear.

Factor in the ghoul element and the house may now be worth more.

Before the “horrifying” pictures, let’s revel in all that gore:

A LEADING doctor told how the razor-toothed fox gnawed little Isabella’s arm down to the BONE.

Dogs, sorry, foxes love bones. And the fox did try to eat the child.

Consultant reconstructive surgeon Raj Ragoowansi says:

“It takes considerable force to force a laceration through the skin, through the fat, through the muscle and down to bone.”

Well, so says the expert.

The Sun’s Alex West that the attack by what is believed to have been four-month-old fox cub:

SPARKED such PANIC that, weeks later, the couple are still paranoid about locking all their doors and windows every night.

Or as Pauline Kopupparis tells the media, with  a little less sensation:

“I’m quite frightened of keeping the doors open now.”

The event forms the crux of an entertaining telly show tonight: The Fox Attack Twins: A BBC1 Special.

As the Star says:

They made the documentary to set the record straight after some “experts” claimed a fox could not cause the injuries seen on the nine-month-olds.

Watch out for “experts”. Sit back and enjoy the show. Mr Koupparis is head of finance at Leopard Films, who made the feature. Such a fact should keep the nasties and web trolls who accuse the couple of all sorts from any more barbed attacks, eh, readers.

For all the Alex West’s talk, Pauline Koupparis makes for a sober witness. West uses words like:

TORE at Lola’s face… SANK its teeth deep… killer disease RABIES… one of her hospitalised girls might DIE…

West has laid the groundwork for the show. Says Pauline Koupparis:

“I think I appreciate it’s a freak occurrence that may happen again but the likelihood of it happening to us again is zero.

“But it probably is the same feeling people have when they’ve been burgled. They don’t want to go back and see their house has been violated and we feel that our family unit has been violated.”

But others are attacked. So. Tune in, folks. Hear Pauline and Nick Koupparis tell us:

“I went into the bedroom and they were both crying. Isabella was head-down in her cot.

“I noticed some blood and I thought maybe she’d had a nosebleed. So I put the night-light on – and I saw the fox at the end of Lola’s cot. And then I saw that Lola was covered in blood as well. I literally just wailed, screamed – I don’t know how to describe it. Then I heard Nick running up the stairs.

There’s a made-for-TV reconstruction in this:

“…I picked up Lola and Nick had picked up Isabella. Her arm was open and bits of her flesh were literally, like, just dropping on to his leg. It looked like it had been through a cheese grater.”

Husband Nick approaches:

“I came out on to the landing. I had Isabella in my arms and the fox was sat at the top of the stairs as if it was a family pet, or as if nothing had happened.

“I knew Isabella was bleeding a lot by that stage. I could feel the blood seeping through her babygrow and I threw whatever came to hand at the fox. It scarpered down the stairs.”

Anyone know what the BBC paid for the film or if it was offered for free, in the interests of forming a public record about a fox that bit children?


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