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Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, America’s Fraud And The 270 Abused

by | 25th, July 2010

THE Americans are up in arms on the matter of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi’s freedom on compassionate grounds. He killed 270 people but was feeling terminally ill so he was set free. Megrahi was given three months to live. He remains alive many more months later.

In August 2008, we wrote:

This has very little to do with the dying man. This is about dark dealings. Dealings which have involved state representatives, weapons dealers oil suppliers and buyers…almost from the day Megrahi was sentenced. There will be expressions of horror and anger from the government of the USA. Do not be fooled, this release is not possible without a nod and a wink from the Washington mandarins.

As AGW now writes:

How can anyone not understand the special relationship which exists between the UK and the USA is one of exchange of dirty little secrets? It is supported by the occasional financial bone dropped under the table to the ever eager and snuffling lap dogs which are the UK petro-arms dealers and their grubby little fleas, the UK politicians

The Scottish Justice Minister was a happy, contented and healthy man playing at a political second career game before all this. He was finessed into a stupid, apparently solo, release decision. Kenny MacAskill was using his discretion under Scottish law on compassionate grounds.

Take a look at Kenny MacA now. The strain has aged him beyond his years and his life expectancy probably ranks alongside the Libyan bomber’s.

A terrible and grossly unfair burden for an essentially very decent man who should have stuck at being a parochial (well, Edinburgh) lawyer. Blair and Brown may not believe in the concept of heaven or hell but purgatory should be a viable second alternative for the lot of them.

There remains the unanswered question… Who now speaks for the murdered 270? Are we alone in asking this?


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