Anorak News | Paris Hilton Introduces More Comedy Nazis And The Hitler Dance

Paris Hilton Introduces More Comedy Nazis And The Hitler Dance

by | 27th, July 2010

THE Daily Star leads with a picture of Paris Hilton and her “Nazi salute shame”.

This is the same paper owned by Richard Desmond who once in a meeting with the Daily Telegraph’s hierarchy, reportedly, called all Germans “Nazis”, told his executives to sing “Deutschland uber Alles” and “strutted up and down the room holding his fingers to his lips and giving stiff-armed salutes”.

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Back, then, to Hilton’s “shame”. Paris denies making the Nazi salute. She is not ordinary tourist in Berlin, pointing out something up there and wiping a finger beneath her hooter.

For starters, Hilton has been in St Tropez, which hasn’t been German for decades. And it’s all innocent.

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Says her spokesman:

“Paris was dancing and having fun with her arm up in the air as she always dances like that and was scratching [her] face when a photo was taken.”

This is how Hitler got started. Seconds before his itchy prance was captured on camera, Hitler was waggling his tail feathers and doing a passable Charleston while sneezing into his armpit. History bears testimony to timing.

In other news, Paris Hilton says she won’t invade Poland until it’s repainted…

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The Top 11 Comedy Nazis:


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