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Kiesha Abrahams Is Australia’s Madeleine McCann

by | 4th, August 2010

KIESHA Abrahams is missing. Can she be Australia’s Madeleine McCann?

The last person known to have seen the six-year-old is her mother Kirsti, who out her to bed at the family home in Hebersham, western Sydney last Saturday night.

Next day, Kiesha was gone. The front door was ajar. The was no sign of a forced entry.

Pictures Of All The Madeleine McCann Suspects

Mum and the child’s step-father, one Robert Smith, are part of big hunt.

The officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Inspector Russell Oxford, revealed that the last time anyone had seen the little girl outside her immediate family was on July 7, when her half-brother Levi Smith was born.

Says he:

“The grandmother saw Kiesha around about the 7th or 9th of July, which is probably at least three or so weeks ago. It’s a bit troubling for us because certainly, while the parents say the child was there on the weekend, it’s the lead-up time that’s important to us because we need to know what might have caused this to occur.”

Kiesha was wearing pink pyjamas.

Says Martin Brunt:

Like Madeleine McCann, Another Little Girl Vanishes

That’s er, two in four years, then? Every country needs an Our Maddie to help the media along:

Israel has an Our Maddie – Madeleine McCann: Israel’s Rose Is The International Our Maddie
France has an Our MaddieTyphaine Taton Is France’s Madeleine McCann
America has an Our Maddie – America’s Madeleine McCann Turns Up Alive
Spain has an Our Maddie – Madeleine McCann: Mari Luz Cortes, Maddy 2 And Gerry McCann Writes
New Zealand has an Our Maddie – Madeleine McCann: Patronising Aisling Symes
South America has an Our Maddie – A Madeleine McCann Found In Panama
Brazil has an Our Maddie – Madeleine McCann: Isabella Nadoni Is Brazil’s Our Maddie
Holland has an Our Maddie – Madeleine McCann: Milly Boele Is Holland’s Our Maddie

Says Brunt:

It’s early days and there are many differences, but so far, like Madeleine McCann, another little girl appears to have vanished into thin air.

A homicide squad is now involved.

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