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JetBlue Escapee Steven Slater’s Depraved Rap Sheet

by | 11th, August 2010

STEVEN Slater was charged with reckless endangerment in the first degree for whooshing down a bouncy slide as he escaped a thanklessly crap job with JetBlue. He was also charged with (click rap sheet on left to read it all):

The US judiciary has an arcane way with words. The land of “Motherfucker” (Stephen Slater lexicon) and gangsta rap is stuck in the 19th century.

Get a load of Slater’s other alleged crimes:

  • Criminal mischief in the second degree
  • Reckless endangerment in the second degree – a crime that requires “DNA samples upon conviction”
  • Criminal mischief in the fourth degree
  • Criminal trespass in the third degree

Mischief? Tsk! Naughty Slater, the wee rapscallion.

Flight Attendant Steven Slater’s Pictures Teach Us How To Quit A Crap Job

The rap sheet goes on to tell of a “depraved indifference to human life”.

An adult male on a slide is “depraved”?

There was a “grave risk of death to another person”.

How so? From laughing an cheering?

Anyone on JetBlue flight 1052 from Pittsburgh to New York JFK who felt in mortal peril when a trolley dolly opened the door, grabbed two beers (yep, he forewent the miniature wines and pretzels) and with the line “fuck off” slid to freedom, get in touch.

Meanwhile, Slater is a free man having paid $2,500 bail. And anyone who fancies the chance to feel abused and dirty can hire Mr Slater to appear in their front room or fly Ryan Air…


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