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Eden Abergil’s Sexy Facebook Photos Are Proof Of Her Stupidity

by | 17th, August 2010

EDEN Abergil is the idiot posting on Facebook pictures of her time with the Israeli Defense Forces. She is seen smirking at blindfolded Palestinian detainees. Being a twat is not the preserve of any one nation or sex. This is equality in action, readers.

This is also Facebook plus Israel – it’s a media shitstorm guaranteed.


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Abergil left the Army in 2008, and an IDF spokesman said it is not clear whether the military can haul her before a court. He goes on to say:

“These actions are ugly and callous; details of the incident have been forwarded up the chain of command.”

Abergil called her photo montage:

“Army.. the most beautiful time of my life :)”). [smiley her own]

A comment posted beneath the picture by one of Eden’s friends, says:

“You look sexiest here,” to which the former soldier replies: “Yeah I know … I wonder if he’s got Facebook! I have to tag him in the picture!”

This will go down well with the Palestinian hardliners, who say it is typical behaviour. Of course it isn’t. But it exists.

Yishai Menuchin, the director of the Public Committee Against Torture, an NGO, Yishai Menuchin, condemned the soldiers actions:

“The horrible pictures demonstrate a norm of treating Palestinians like objects instead of human beings – treatment that disregards their feelings as humans and their right to privacy.” – Haaretz

The pictures were highlighted by an Israeli blogger.

But when the enemy do your propaganda for you, you’d be a fool not to seize the opportunity…

Israel blogger Reider has more:

Update 5pm: Abergil responded to blogger and musician Dan-ya Shwartz,saying: “I don’t understand why it’s any of your business to go prying through people’s Facebooks and always find the bad. [Go] deal with more important matters. “

Update 5:30pm: Abergil changed her privacy settings, blocking her album to non-friends.

Update 5:45pm: This has to be the quickest internet shit-storm I ever watched unfold in Israel: FakeEdenAbergil just went on air

Update 7pm: Abergil replied to a query from Lisa Goldman: “I don’t speak to lefties.”

What odds we hear more from Abergil..?

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