Anorak News | X Factor ‘Nutter’ Shirlena Johnson Does The Freddie Dance – Video

X Factor ‘Nutter’ Shirlena Johnson Does The Freddie Dance – Video

by | 26th, August 2010

X FACTOR singer Shirlena Johnson responds to being expelled from Simon Cowell’s school of pap by appearing on the Sun’s front page alongside the headline:

“Take me back for my little girl’s sake”

Shirlena is seen holding her three-year-old daughter Mariah. Given the unfounded claim repeated in the tabloids that Shirlena presents a potential threat to her danger, the headline might read a threat.

But Shirlena has been misunderstood. Jan Moir might want her taken away in white coats, but Shirlena says:

“I’m not crazy.”

Shirlena rose to fame by murdering Duffy’s chart hit Mercy, during which she crouched down as if to urinate on the stage before grunting and ummm-ing and aahh-ing.

Caring Simon Cowell called her “”fantastically nuts”. But he likes that. He likes it so much that he chucked her off the show.

She was heading for Boot Camp, and then to be mentored at one of the judge’s houses. But the thought of having Shirlena walk about Chez Cheryl Cole of Simon’s home might have been too much. (Think of the carpets!)

Says Shirlena:

“I’m devastated about leaving and I would do anything to get back in.”

What about learning to sing in tune?

“This decision could spoil my life and desires – I’m now labelled as a crazy person.”

She asks:

“Do people with any history of mental illness just have to stay where they are – doing what they’re doing?”

She then links the song she sang about her being released with her own story:

“I did it as I felt trapped and wanted to be released. Then I thought I had been released, but now it’s like I’m feeling trapped all over again.”

Sad news. So, come Simon, release her. Release me. Release the waistband on your trousers.

And dance like Shirlena… Freddie & The Dremaers, eat yer heart out:

It’s an easy dance give yourself a chance
Dance the Freddie (Freddie)
It’s the thing to do kids will envy you
So do the Freddie (Freddie)

Here she issssssssssssss…..

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