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Media And Police Collude To Smear MI6 ‘Spy’ Gareth Williams

by | 28th, August 2010

MI6 worker Gareth Williams was last seen alive by someone other than his killer on August 15. His body was discovered in his London flat eight days later. His name has been smeared in a concerted collusion between media and police “sources”.

Get this from Channel 4:

“There is nothing to suggest a security leak”, a source told Channel 4 News. “This is most likely the human tragedy of a private young man who may have had issues.”

A human tragedy, most likely? Well, yes it is – a man died. Pretty tragic for that human. This from a media that can’t even agree on how old Mr Williams was when he died.

The Telegraph says Mr Williams was 31. PA News says 30.

Being a member of the British security services who has fought Al Qaeda, Mr Williams is afforded a hero’s press. Right? Wrong. The speculation about his death plays second fiddle to lurid rumours of his life. The tabloids are here not to Help A Hero but to destroy the memory of the man.

Sky’s home affairs correspondent Mark White said: “We have heard from sources that Williams had a complicated private life.”

Is that relevant to the inquiry? Mr Williams was single. He has been labelled a gay transvestite it the Sun, which also alluded to his being into S&M sex.

The Mail offered this gem:

Indeed, ‘Ceaucescu Towers’, as MI6’s brutally modernist Vauxhall Cross HQ is known, is just across the River Thames from his apartment, overshadowing a huge bus terminal, and the gay clubs and saunas of ‘VoHo’ – the area’s red light district.

Today the Mirror tells us:

Police had also found nothing to suggest that Mr Williams was gay but his sexuality was still a part of the investigation.

If Mr Williams wasn’t gay, then can the papers link him to woman? The Star has a go:

Youth worker Raphael L’Hoste-Morton, 32, of Cheltenham, Glos, listed as living at the same London address and who reportedly worked at GCHQ, says any alleged links made between the pair were “purely coincidental” as he had never met Williams.

And the bondage gear found in Mr William’s flat the Sun told us of? Well, the Express reports:

However, sources close to the inquiry dismissed reports that bondage gear and sadomasochistic equipment had been found alongside gay pornography at Mr William’s flat in Pimlico, central London.

As one Anorak reader David writes:

Isn’t it a common press trick to go fishing…..make some kind of allegation and wait for it to be ‘categorically denied’?

At least it can be agreed that he was murdered. Says the Pink Paper:

Numerous reports claim Williams was murdered, despite the refusal of Police to categorise his death this way.

The Pink Paper…? So. He was gay?

An investigation into the possibility that he was murdered by a gay lover is underway.

Can the media at least agree that Mr William is dead? Guy Keleny writes:

Cliché of the week: Our report on Thursday of the death of the intelligence officer Gareth Williams included this sentence: “Yesterday the 30-year-old’s work … led to speculation that he had been brutally murdered because of his job.” As opposed to being gently murdered?

Mr Williams’ relatives make a statement:

“He was a great athlete, and loved cycling and music. His loss has devastated us and we would ask that anyone with information to come forward and assist the police inquiry.”

Mr Williams’ relative William Hughes tells us:

“(Gareth’s parents) have seen what has been in the papers and they are very, very upset about these untruths. I don’t see any evidence of it. It never crossed my mind that Gareth was that sort of person. His family have enough on their plate without having to read these stories.”

As for the facts, Sky tells us:

A post-mortem proved inconclusive but found he had not been shot or stabbed and there were reportedly no obvious signs of strangulation.

But the most telling line is this one – and it has been trotted out every day since the story broke:

Sources close to the inquiry say it is not clear how he died and have played down speculation the death was linked to his secretive line of work.

And play up the stuff about his private life…

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