Anorak News | Move The Ground Zero Mosque To Ground Zero Or Risk Confusing Tourists And Jihadis

Move The Ground Zero Mosque To Ground Zero Or Risk Confusing Tourists And Jihadis

by | 12th, September 2010

TERRY Jones never got to burn a Koran on International Burn a Koran Day – something to do with health and safety and God failing to send down a mighty firebolt to smite the books.

Or maybe it was all just a pathetic televised stunt fomented by a desperate media and enacted by a small man who scrapped about for a cause to legitimise a Koran burning, other than his own bigotry, and fell upon the Ground Zero Mosque – the building being erected a few minutes from where the Twin Towers once stood?

As Londoners know, a few minutes from the main spot can be akin to being on another planet.

The Ground Zero Mosque is an exaggeration on what any estate agent looking to market flats close to the New York Muslim centre would call Ground Zero borders. The Cordoba Centre, as it is called, will be 0.4 miles from the site where the Twin Towers once stood.

“Did you watch Arsenal the other day?” I was asked. Yes, I was at the ground, albeit 0.4 miles away. I then went to the debating chamber at the House of Commons, sort of, took a piss up a tree in the garden at 10 Downing Street, in a manner of speaking, and moved into a lovely garden flat in a part of Hampstead called Kilburn.

The Cordoba Center is in a less fashionable part of town so will need to work hard to attract visitors. It will boast a 500-seat auditorium, performing arts centre, gym, swimming pool, basketball court, childcare area, bookstore, culinary school, art studio and food court.

From the outside it will be a big, grey tall building that makes you feel small as you walk past and not dare to look up at – only tourists look up. It will look like pretty much every other building in Manhattan.

Tourists looking to visit a huge mosque will be disappointed. They will also be lost.

It’s not at Ground Zero. And it’s not a mosque – in as much as it’s not a building with a big shiny dome on top from which a massive minaret rises up, a structure that would give gurning, Priapic iihadis an unenviable vantage point from which to look through the bedroom windows of everyone in the USA.

And that includes your window, Terry Jones. Although that’s a view obscured by hundreds of copies of the Koran stuffed under your bed…

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