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Ed Miliband To Discover Spurs, Shandy And EastEnders

by | 28th, September 2010

ED Miliband is leader of the Labour Party. And instantly Labour is ahead in the polls. The new man is a miracle worker. If he can now do nothing at all for a few years, the Prime Minister’s job is his.

And Ed is unlikely to do much except talk about politics. He has no passion for football, drink, tobacco, women, pets, sport, board games, fast food, humour, TV, fashion or pop.

Ed can appreciate each thing on its own merit and relatively. He is Ian Duncan Smith unencumbered of a cough.

In other news, David Miliband might or might not leave the Labour Party’s high table, his indecision taking limelight from his little brother’s victory over him. Ed needs to think. Maybe Dave can fill in as leader when Ed is in the bath or doing his shopping list – or developing an interest in something other than politics to woo the voters and make him look interesting?

How long before Ed says he likes Spurs and can drink an entire half of shandy during the EastEnders omnibus?

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