Anorak News | X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd’s Mental ‘Breakdown’ Is A Public Sport

X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd’s Mental ‘Breakdown’ Is A Public Sport

by | 4th, October 2010

THE X FACTOR: News is that Cher Lloyd, the Dot Cotton Team America action figure who was once excluded from school for a fight and whose family are Malvern’s version of The Dingles, is “fragile”.

It’s Boot Camp, also known as the Weeping Zone. And Cher is shedding a tear. No, she’s not weeping for the nations and the sick – she’s not Cheryl Cole yet.

The Sun says the 17-year-old is “feared to be close to a breakdown”. One teenager’s mental wellbeing is front-page news.

Cheryl Cole (NSFW)

No less than two Sun writers – Jen Blackburn and Lucy Connolly – were watching telly and saw Cher fail to sing her song before Cheryl Cole and Will.I.Am.

Nonetheless, Cher is through to the show’s live rounds.

No fewer than three unnamed expects are lined up to wonder if Cher will go bonkers. An expert from Rethink, a mental health charity, says “NO!” Another expert from Kidscape says “YES!” An expert from MIND says getting Cher a counsellor is gladdening.

None of the unnamed experts are doctors of psychiatrists. They are all just representatives of organisations. But, still, guessing about Cher’s “breakdown” is now a public sport. Anyone can play.

Over in the Star and Cher is one of the singers “from hell”, the other being Katie Waissel, a woman who seems to have taken the Jim’ll Fix It route to fame.

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The Mirror tells of “OUTRAGE” at Cheryl’s choices. The Mail says Cher “weeps her way to the final”.

For anyone tuning in, that’s four front-page stories about Cher Lloyd. Anyone want to guess why Cheryl Cole’s designated pet and rags to riches story has made it into the final..?

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