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Angelina Jolie: Shiloh’s Warning To Brownies And Budapest Is Gagged

by | 5th, October 2010

ANGELINA Jolie and Brad Pitt’s range of children are enrolled at a school in Budapest, where Jolie is directing a Bosnian love story (Irma Nici is available for the lead role).

The story goes that Jolie invited all the schools’ parents and teachers to sign confidentiality agreements vowing that they will not talk to the press.

If they do talk their puppies will tossed live into a river. No, only joking. They will be fined money and if they persist is talking their child may be suspended from the school. Us magazine fails to says what would happen to anyone failing to sign the agreement nor if it is standard issue at what must be a private school.

Is it The American International School of Budapest, which “prepares its students to be responsible global citizens”?

We don’t know what would happen if the parents declined to sign. But before you think Jolie a control freak who ships her kids around the world like missionaries to her Church of Me, get a load of the National Enquirer’s front-page headline:


“Is Jolie HARMING her 4-year-old daughter?”

Nice journalism, there. Dr Lillian Glass says Shiloh might have a few issues when she grows up because she dresses in shorts and jumpers, what Jolie call “Montenegro style”.

Can a child be harmed by wearing brown shorts and tops, as Shiloh is pictured wearing? And, if so, are the Scouts and Brownies creating a legion of therapy victims?



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