Anorak News | Man Kicking Dog In Woolwich Park Is Called Arthur Kent: Video And Interview

Man Kicking Dog In Woolwich Park Is Called Arthur Kent: Video And Interview

by | 30th, October 2010

THE man filmed kicking the dog in Knee Hill Park, Woolwich, south London is called Arthur Kent. He’s 24. He’s been in jail for robbery. Kent says he is “disgusted and ashamed” of his actions. But, in mitigation, he says the dog weed on him and refused to walks on the lead.

The dog is called…Thumper!

Says Arthur Kent, of The:Mary Bale List of Legends:

“He wouldn’t walk so I gave him a kick and a yank. I didn’t mean him no harm, I was just trying to teach him how to walk.”

By kicking him so that he falls down? Kent haters will enjoy his double negative – he didn’t mean not to do it, yer honour.

“The dog was a bit scared of me after that. But I apologised to him, kissed him and gave him some toys.”

This  sound sadistic to anyone else? Make the dog rely on your and comply with violence, then show it kindness so that it starts to hope things can be better. Kent would be advised to say no more. He;s stood in a hole and his mouth is a giant spade.

The dog has now escaped Kevin’s feet. Anorak reader Kevin Lomax told us that the puppy is with the RSPCA. Kent says the RSPCA took his pet to a vet who checked it out. The vet sais the dog has been in ”a trauma”. Kent still owns a whippet-cross Staffordshire-terrier.

“They asked me how I could manage to kick 12kgs with such force.”

Practice? Natural talent? The right trainers?

However it happened. Kent is now a Facebook legend. As he says:

“My mum’s scared to come out because she’s been getting death threats on Facebook. People are saying she’s a benefits scrounger and breeds dogs for money. I’m ashamed and disgusted with myself and want to apologise. I would never hurt any animal. I’ve had dogs and cats my whole life. If I saw someone doing that to a dog I’d want to punch them in the face.”

That being the humane thing to do…

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