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Libertarian Prostitute Starchild Wins California School Vote

by | 2nd, November 2010

CALIFORNIAN voters can elect ‘Starchild’, an erotic service provider to the Board of Education in San Francisco. Starchild, born Chris Fox, is a libertarian, amber of the local SF Libertarian Party. He was once in the U.S. Army Reserves.

He once beat a prostitution rap:

We were not denying I might have committed prostitution on other occasions; we were just saying I didn’t do it on this occasion.”

He’s popular among the youth. In a mock poll of high school students, Starchild won a youth vote. Says he:

I’m delighted and honoured that San Francisco high school students once again made a pro-freedom, Libertarian candidate and erotic service provider their first choice, to represent them on the body that controls the city’s government-run schools.”

He then makes a pithy comment on the nanny state:

“I wish we could end the age discrimination that prevents high school students from casting votes in regular elections. If the rationale for denying them the vote is because they are dependents of their parents or guardians, then to be fair, adults who are dependents of government should also be disqualified from voting.”

And if Starchild get all the way to the top of the greasy pole, we Britishers can vote in US elections. His manifesto includes:

• Cut six-figure administrator salaries, get more resources into the classroom.
• Make teachers the highest-paid district employees, in charge of school budgets, curricula, and non-teaching staff.
• Let students attend their first-choice schools. Fund schools based on enrollment, so popular schools expand to meet demand and unpopular schools shrink until they improve.
• Give students and parents more say over which teachers are hired and retained. Students know who the good teachers are!
• Expand vocational training opportunities
• Let non-citizens vote!
• More field trips!

Not such a nutter after all, then..?

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