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X Factor Fix: Proof That TreyC Cohen Was Robbed

by | 9th, November 2010

THE country faced a new democratic crisis last night after it emerged that the X Factor is a scripted TV show that has no bearing on reality whatsoever.

The Sun declares on its front page that “IT’S A FIX”.

What?! The paper that pumps out PR-led drivel about 20th Century Fox films, Sky TV and average music being amay-zing under the auspices of Gordon Smart’s “Bizarre” column has realised that the media can corrupt and distort the viewing experience?!

Who to thank for the revelation? Why, no lesser person than TreyC Cohen’s dad. The man who spells ‘Tracey’ TreyC has seen through the lies, the manipulation and the cynical pursuit of cash.

The Daily Star, a bastion of honesty pauses from playing that Raoul Moat shoot ‘em up and buying tickets for the Chile mine theme park ride to yell:

CHERYL COLE FACING X FACTOR SACK – TV watchdog probes star’s judging ‘fix’

It’s all incredible. Can a TV show with scripts, editing and advertisers be a fraud designed to create controversy from air and the vapid dreams of amateur singers? A show on which every song ends with Simon Cowell’s Archie Andrews’ puppet Louis Walsh screaming “THAT AS INCREDIBLE” and “YOU ARE AMAZING” over the din of the whooping crowd in a brain altering technique introduced by the Nazis in Nuremberg?

Can it all just be a TV soap opera with cheap actors and a desperate press?

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