Anorak News | Bushcricket Has Biggest Testicles In World

Bushcricket Has Biggest Testicles In World

by | 10th, November 2010

THE Platycleis affinis bushcricket has testicles that make up 14% of its body weight. This species of insect is now  – officially – with the biggest testicles in relation to its body weight in the natural world. A porn career awaits.

Karim Vahed of the University of Derby writs up his research in Biology Letters. Apparently, it’s all to do with the mating – the larger the testicles, the more sperm can be stored to mate with the most females, which are “promiscuous”.

The male does not shoot a lot of sperm, but what he hopes is just enough each time to create life.

What you want to know is how this affects you? Well, if you were to compete with a bushcricket, your balls would need to weigh five kilograms… each.

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