Anorak News | George Bush Read 95 Books In A Year (With Pictures)

George Bush Read 95 Books In A Year (With Pictures)

by | 15th, November 2010

DID you know that George Dubya Bush read 95 books in a year, totalling 37,343 pages? That’s the kind of fact George Bush would know about books isn’t it: how many pages he’d read.

The editor of our sister site Stylebrity once worked for a big-time music promoter. He’d buy all the York Notes passbooks and try and drop a nugget of information into the conversation. He would do this without any humour or self-deprecation. For him the value of a book was measured in weight and audience reaction.

What books Bush read remains uncertain. Middlemarch, the George Elliot classic, is 848 page long. I mention this because I read it at school and it took me over a year to finish. I read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. That’s 544 pages. I put it down around the middle and have yet to pick it up. It’s taken over two years to finish. I might never finish it. On the other hand, Heat Of Darkness, Joseph Conrad’s epic, is just 92 page long. I’ve read it three times.

Bush finished every book he started. He read like someone not looking for entertainment but  like a collector seeking the absolutes…

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