Anorak News | Durham Tees Valley Airport Charges Passengers To Use Departure Lounge And Windows

Durham Tees Valley Airport Charges Passengers To Use Departure Lounge And Windows

by | 16th, November 2010

FOR £6 per adults and just £2 per child, passengers leaving AND arriving at Durham Tees Valley Airport get to sit on space-age modular furniture; be felt up by a security guard and enjoy the dick-measuring service; try on sunglasses at the Alpha Shopping experience; visit a British theme pub the Yard of Ale (NO metres in this proud British hostelry, eh, readers!); or pretend to be actually moving on a simulated video game at the Game Grind video game arena.


Unmetered walking
Use of windows
Use of floor
Use of ceilings
And much much more!!!!

On the airport website, there is advice and warnings:

What happens if a passenger refuses to pay this charge?
The airport reserves the right to refuse access to the Departure Lounge to any passenger. All departing passengers must purchase a PFF ticket and present this to staff in order to pass through Airport security and access the Departure Lounge.

Chief executive of the Peel Airports, Craig Richmond, says:

“It is not something we want to do – this is a great regional airport with a lot of support – but it is a tough time and when you see your passengers drop off by between 30 and 40%, you have to do something to stabilise the finances.”

By fleecing the few mugs still flying?

“But I think people will pay it, if they are from this community, because they know it is such an important facility.”

And they desperately want Peel airport to make money. That’s the Peel Group based locally in, er, Manchester…

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