Anorak News | Swiss Fascists Seduce Muslims With Tales Of Naked Women

Swiss Fascists Seduce Muslims With Tales Of Naked Women

by | 20th, November 2010

THE Swiss People’s Party (SVP) says that Switzerland is a land full of very clean, tight-skinned, young, naked white women who bathe in the ice cold waters of Lake Zurich.

You might think this is a lure for immigrants, who have long laboured under the misconception that Switzerland is a land of fascists, civic pride and organised suicide.

The SVP also has also posted online an image of older, dressed Muslim women who are also sat in a large puddle of water, possibly a disused muddy puddle or quarry.

The waters are not making them young or fit or, vitally, Swiss. Only, a skinny dip in Lake Zurich can turn your decrepit, crinkle-faced mum into a shaggable Eurobabe.

It turns out however that the second photo is a vision of the future of Switzerland 20 years from now. But it’s too late. Usman and his pal Hannibal have already hitched embarked on the Swiss Miss quest.

In other news, Swiss citizens are invited to vote on a referendum to decide if foreigners guilty of serious crimes should be deported.

Is the Swiss vote “yes”, watch out for those imported Nazis heading over the mountains – or taking up an exchange scheme with Usman.

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