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Student Demo: Daily Mail Reports That Every Student Went On A Rampage (Photos)

by | 25th, November 2010

THE SECOND student demo against a hike in fees produced not very much in the way of mayhem. But the Mail had already written its story.

Burning with anger: London streets in flames again as 25,000 go on rampage in new student fees riot

So says “Daily Mail reporter” watching 25,000 students on a “rampage”.

Those students on demos in Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Leeds, Brighton and Cambridge may well wonder if they should bother given that violence in London is all the news media cares about. But then they should read on and discover that their mannered and orderly protest was part of the “rampage”:

Around 10,000 students and protesters flooded London for a new demonstration just a fortnight after anarchists unleashed mayhem at the Tory Party headquarters. More than 25,000 students in total are believed to have taken part in protests across the country today.

And, according to Daily Mail Reporter, almost everyone of them was on a “rampage”.

Those rampage photos:


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Protesters during a demonstration against an increase in university tuition fees, in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

This god-awful reporting is almost bettered by the Mail’s second story:

Rage of the girl rioters: Britain’s students take to the streets again – and this time women are leading the charge

This time the Mail has no less than five hacks on the case:


Rioting girls became the disturbing new face of violent protest yesterday.

Duh! It’s the Mail you write for, dummies – women are always the face of everything, especially if they are young and fit. Most often the Mail’s view on female students is reserved for A-levels results time, when photographers trawl the colleges for photogenic babes jumping for joy and hugging other women.

A second wave of truanting schoolgirls who were there for the excitement rather than to cause mayhem then swarmed around the van and posed for photographs taken on friends’ cameras and iPhones.

Feel the riot, readers…


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Demonstrators set a police riot shield alight on Whitehall, following a student protest against government plans to raise tuition fees in central London.

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