Anorak News | Wikileaks: Russia’s State Radio Smears Julian Assange

Wikileaks: Russia’s State Radio Smears Julian Assange

by | 25th, November 2010

WIKILEAKS is back making news for the rest of the media. A load of US State Department cables are about to be leaked. How many? Almost three million. Who’d be a researcher wading through that lot?

The cables are between the US and Australia, and the US and Canada.

Yes, readers, Canada has hit the international news agenda! That big slap on ice and moose between American and Sara Plain rear window is newsworthy. And it’s all thanks to Wikileaks.

Meanwhile, David Gower look-alike Julian Assange is in the UK, reacting to news that a Swedish court has rejected his appeal against a detention order in a rape case.

If he goes to Sweden, Assange will be arrested. Can Sweden be avoided? What about Russia? Assange says Wikileaks has lots of stuff about that country, too. Mindful of that, here’s the Voice of Russia, the state’s radio station telling the world:

His [Assange] culpability for alleged rapes in Sweden has yet to be proven in Stockholm’s courts, but most psychologists interviewed by Western media say that he could’ve done this, given his troubled childhood.

You still don’t think Assange is being smeared? If he is, he might consider himself fortunate. The Russians rarely mess about in matters of military security. It might Best to avoid the sushi in London, Julian…

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