Anorak News | Man Smashes Motel Room Hunting For Trapped Midget

Man Smashes Motel Room Hunting For Trapped Midget

by | 26th, November 2010

MOVE over Capri Anderson and Charlie Sheen – the midget needs some space. At the Motel 6 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, Joseph Jones has received a phone call from the “manager”, or so Mr Jones claims. It is late at night. The voice tells him that he needs to break thing to free the midget trapped next door.

The voice tells him that the previous guest has wired the room with cameras. They need to be destroyed. The vice tell him to unplug the TV. He needs to go into the bathroom and remove the lid from the toilet cistern. He should not take the lid and smash the TV with it. The TV must then be tossed out of the window.

There are cameras behind mirrors. He is told to take a wrench and break the mirrors. He does so.

The voice tells him that there is a midget trapped in the adjacent room. Jones begins to smash at the wall.

Police arrive. Police pick up the phone. They hear the voice. The voice is asking if all the cameras have been destroyed. He realises that a new person is on the end of the phone. He says:

“I have the wrong number.”

He hangs up.

Motel 6’s parent company vice president of safety and security Victor Glover Sr., explains:

“This is an unfortunate situation that has been occurring in various forms for years throughout the hotel industry and around the country. We are grateful that, although the room and its contents suffered damage, none of our guests or team members were injured as a result of this incident.”

Such are the facts…

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