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X Factor: One Direction Out Of Sync Say Simon Cowell Clones

by | 28th, November 2010

X FACTOR judge Dannii Minogue says One Direction are not in sync. Dannii opens her mouth and says:

“It happened the whole way through the song last week. It’s only two minutes so they have to learn. Simon would point it out if it was my band.”

And that’s what’s wrong with the X Factor: there is one Simon Cowell and three people pretending to be him.

It’s getting to be like Top Gear, where Jeremy Clarkson once got to be the only Jeremy Clarkson while two lickspittles guffawed at his jokes and were sent off to try to do something zany for him to appraise – like two trainees presenting to their mentor (since we are on the X Factor theme). Then the yes men got spin-off shows and started to behave like Jeremy Clarkson. The man became a formula.

But if Clarkson left Top Gear, the show would be crap, ending up as a weak pastiche of what made it a huge success. Similarly, when Cowell leaves the X Factor the show will die. Look at American Idol, the once hit show that has replaced the resigned Cowell with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. It snow unremittingly awful.

The X Factor panel judges are three preening knobs and knobesses seeking approval from Cowell – he is, after all, their mentor…

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