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Wikileaks Leaks Cost Lives? Well, So Say The Enemies Of Free Speech

by | 28th, November 2010

WILL Wikileaks’s latest document dump on an expectant and eager media lead to lost lives or just cause a few red faces in Washington and The Pentagon? Maybe.

CNN  – not one of the organs chosen by Wikileaks to publish the documents first  – declares:

“State Department says new WikiLeaks document dump would risk lives”

A reader writes from the US:

The above is the headline to the CNN article (Link to it below).

In reading the article, you’ll note that the State Department’s legal advisor has written a letter to Assange. In his letter he has pointed out “… they were provided in violation of U.S. law and without regard for the grave consequences of this action.

“Koh wrote that releasing such documents could jeopardize relationships with allies, military actions and anti-terrorism operations.”

There is no doubt in my mind this is going to cause the US great embarrassment and will most likely cause some damage with our relationship with allies and even worse give those non-friendly countries ammunition in speaking out against us why we shouldn’t be trusted.

Something is wrong with this picture. Yes, Assange has in his possession the said information that could possibly do all the damage listed above and worse. However, just having all that information in his possession is not going to cause any damage or repercussions.

Those newspapers worldwide by printing all or some of the information he has in his possession will be the ones totally responsible for any damage done in any manner and any serious dire consequences such as putting people’s lives at risk.

Would any paper presented with such a welter of newsy stuff and a huge amount of space on the internet to publish it on not do so? It only takes one paper to publish and it’s out there. CNN did not get the Wikileaks leak. Neither did The Sun. Both news organs say the documents will cost lives. Coincidence? Or bitterness at missing out?

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