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What’s It REALLY Like To Have Sex With Silvio Berlusconi? Photos

by | 29th, November 2010

NADIA Macri is here to tell you, allegedly, how to have sex with Silvio Berlusconi, the Wikileaks-endorsed numero uno party guy. The divorced mother-of-one says Mr Berlusconi is the self-styled “dream of all Italians“. It’s a billing that might explain why many Italians eat late and stay up until the early hours. Coffee is a national pastime.

Berlusconi denies it all. But if you think it could be true, here’s how to shag a world statesmen, maybe. Earlier this month, Macri told us of goings on at a “bunga bunga” party:

“I’ve been to Berlusconi’s homes three times, but we had sex on only on two occasions: once in Sardinia and once at Arcore. He gave me €10,000 and other small presents. He personally gave me the money in an envelope.”

Nice money. But how do you get the job?

Rule 1: Try not to laugh at all his jokes.

“There were lots of young girls, I think they were minors but we didn’t speak to each other as we were told not to talk. I gave my number to Berlusconi’s secretary, I can’t remember her name, she was his organiser and she said I would be called again. I was called on my mobile by Berlusconi. He said ‘I am the dream of Italians’ I said, ‘who is this?’ and he said ‘It’s the Prime Minister of Italy.’ It was a beautiful moment to get to know him.”

Rule 2: Try not to puke

“The girls were young and it didn’t sit easy with me. It reminded me of the Noemi (Letizia) episode and I remember thinking so there are young girls.”

Rule 3: Dress For The Interview And Be Prepared

“I was in a car one night in Milan when I stopped at a traffic light. A man stopped me, he was in his 30s and he was a good looking guy and we started talking. He asked if we could talk so we did and he said did I want to make some money by meeting important people. He said I could earn €5,000 by meeting important people like the Prime Minister.”

Rule 4: If it works for Hugh Heffner

Macri says the “girls had queued up for him” in the swimming pool.

This is like Kendra Wilkinson’s testimony of Hugh Hefner. You can read that here. And see women linked to Silvio here:

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Nadia Macri - she claims to have shagged silvio - "the dream"

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